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How to tell your God Blobs from your Twin Rays - a multidimensional guide to relationships

We all have it - deep inside of us, that yearning to be in an indefinable place...home. Whether we are in a happy relationship or not, there is something about the human spirit that is constantly searching. It is as if we have lost part of ourselves and want to be reunited with it. This longing manifests itself in our relationships as we search for that person who can give us the feeling of being home at last - someone who completes us.

This pattern of behaviour can manifest a lot of heartaches as we search for love, projecting fulfilment onto person after person thinking we have found ‘the one’ that we can call home, only to have the scales fall from our eyes. Sometimes we become disillusioned as we realize that this person cannot fulfil all the faculties that we want them to. This person is not, after all, home.

In earlier times of human history, relationships were more perfunctory - more about reproduction and division of labour; people didn’t live as long as they do now, so cracks in relationships didn’t matter quite as much. Now that relationships have the potential to last much longer and many people can choose their own partners, all sorts of relationship patterns are coming to the surface. We have huge expectations for relationship fulfilment. Added to this, more women are now financially empowered so feel less trapped in a relationship that is not working for them.

So what is happening within our relationships? Why do we have a feeling that we are yearning for home? In this article I will be describing the various dynamics of relationships from the perspective of a multidimensional universe and reveal the esoteric information that has been given to me as to what happens in relationships at a soul level. 

What is a multidimensional universe anyway?

The universe has many planes of existence or dimensions. These can often be hidden, but certain people, who have been known throughout the ages as 'mystics', have been able to see into these hidden realms. The dimensions are all related but are different in their own ways. As a general rule, one could say that higher dimensions that are more complex in geometry than ours, have a defining role in our dimension. This is a bit like having a projector cast an image on a screen in the cinema. We go to the cinema and see the image, but often do not see the projector creating the image. The image is like our dimension and most of us are just aware of the image and do not see what creates it which exists in a different dimension. 

How have I gained this information about relationships?

Although I have not had many relationships in my life - they have been major ones. They have affected me deeply and in the course of processing their emotional fallout, I was given some information in visions and channelings which have been corroborated by events in this dimension. I have been encouraged by friends to share this information as this is a topic around which there is much pain and confusion.In order to best describe how our souls are all related to each other, it is best to do tell you of my multidimensional vision. I shall tell you the vision in the form of a story.

The God Blob story

The God blob
The God blob 

In the beginning was the God Blob. This was a huge silver, shimmery, moving amorphous mass that contained every soul that has ever been and ever will be. The God Blob decided, for reasons only known to itself to split itself off into many myriads of parts.

These many parts are what we know as souls. These souls split off from the original God Blob in a similar fashion to how a cell splits itself. So first in two and then in four and then again and again. Except there is a difference to the way in which the God blob splits compared to how a cell splits, because the God blob isn’t only splitting in two, it is splitting in many dimensions: many planes of existence.

So from the original God blob came smaller blobs. These gave rise to many more souls. One could trace these souls back to the first four blobs that came off the original God blob and call this their common ancestor. Within the first few generations are what we would call the angels and the archangels. So it could be said that each of us, if we were to trace our souls through the dimensions, can name an angel and an archangel as our ancestor. So the splitting occurs again and again until downstream there are many myriads of souls including those of all the human beings that exist or have ever existed.

The God Blob Tree of relationships

The God blob branches off 

Even though there are billions of people in the world, all of our souls have come from one source - the original God Blob. We are all related to each other. Like branches of a tree, there are many different lineages through the dimensions of souls that have come from the original source.

As we go about our daily lives, we may meet souls that come from branches of the tree that are relatively far away from us. They are the ones with whom we have little to do with - the stranger we pass on the street and never see again. We cannot say we have absolutely nothing to do with them because ultimately we are all one and all related. But some souls will not make much of an impact on our lives in this or any of our incarnations.

Some people are very close to us on the branches of the tree. They may be our family members. People with whom we incarnate with again and again. And then there are our personal romantic love relationships. Our romantic relationships exist at different levels of connection depending on how the two souls involved are related to each other in the divisions of the original God Blob.

This is also where our analogy is restricted somewhat because branches of a tree can be visualized as a linear process. But this story is not played out just in our dimension, but in higher dimensions also. So connections and geometries exist in higher dimensions that don’t exist in ours and are difficult to explain in our language. For us, it is best to describe the connections as branches of a tree, but know this is a simplification. So let’s have a closer look at the different types of connections and dynamics that exist in relationships when using this framework.

The Temporary Mirror

Everything and everyone is ultimately a part of the one God Blob and truly remains so at some level. However, in this dimension, we appear separate and yearn to be whole again. So in order to become whole, we need to integrate and love all parts of ourselves, including the aspects of ourselves that we find shameful and want to hide - sometimes called the shadow. It is a beautiful and amazing aspect of the universe that it is constantly helping us on our journey.

So we are given people and situations who help mirror that shadow back to us so that we can see it. When we learn to love that hidden and rejected aspect of ourselves, we become integrated and move a step closer to becoming whole.

There are lots of levels of temporary mirrors and sometimes these soul connections will even make very long and happy marriages. Sometimes the people who have acted as a temporary mirror - be it a friend or lover or even a spouse, may move away from your life. That is fine, their part has been played and they no longer need to be in your life.

Soul Mates - The Irresistible Attraction

Soul mates
Soulmate attractions can be very happy and right for most people

Why do we feel an attraction to another person? Some people feel a sense of familiarity with a person even if they have just met. The attraction can be overwhelming and even if all their friends can see the warning signs, the person cannot stop from entering into a relationship.

Some of these Irresistible Attraction scenarios are with people at the close Soul Mate position in relation to each other in the God Blob divisions. These are souls with whom you reincarnate many times over the course of your lifetimes. Sometimes they appear in your life as a family member, sometimes as a romantic relationship. These relationships, the ones that seem inexplicable to others but irresistible to the people who are in it, are often ones in which the two souls involved have a lot of karma to sort out.

They have made a soul agreement at a ‘higher’ dimensional level to incarnate many times together to teach each other emotional lessons in order to grow. Before you even were born into this life, you have agree to certain soul mates at a particular time and learn certain lessons. Sometimes through the lessons, a person learns something so valuable, they go onto completely transform their lives.

We are here in incarnation in order to learn and grow as much as we can and the maximum growth and facing of our shadow is done with our karmic soul mates - either lovers or family, but most often it is the lovers that hit home the most. That is why the attraction is so strong.

Sometimes these relationships can end up going really badly wrong. The people involved can start to wonder what they saw in the other - why were they so attracted in the first place. Sometimes people keep going back to the relationship when they know that it is not good for them because the karma is not finished. They may not even know why they are acting in this way. Forces are acting at a soul level to perform the final balancing for this lifetime in order for both souls to move to the next stage. When it is over, it will be definitely over and the intellect cannot force this to happen.

Not all soulmate connections are explosive; some people meet a soul mate and it is not turbulent because it is not necessary for this lifetime. Their life purpose may not necessitate that sort of soul searching and they can have quite steady lives. The love and connection between soul mates is to complete karma, despite the strong attraction. If the relationship breaks up, the karma is over and the people involved will eventually move on. The connection at the God Blob level is not so close on the tree for them to have a lasting impression necessarily. 

Twin Flames

Twin flames
Twin flames can be very powerful 

Here comes the doozy!! Twin flames are another level up of connection in the God Blob. These are souls with whom you have a close soul bond with. This is a soul very close to the point at which you split off the original God Blob. In my experience, this type of relationship is actually quite rare. People often mistake the soul mate type of connection to be a twin flame because the attraction in those relationships can be so overpowering.

If the twin flame relationship comes into your life, you know it. The connection between these souls is so strong that paranormal effects can be experienced. They can feel the same things, dream the same dreams, complete each others' sentences. These souls have not only met on the earth plane before, but they recognize each other on a galactic level and have met on other dimensions. This is the initiation of the heart. These two beings are connected through the heart chakra and when this is experienced, it becomes clear to those involved that previous relationships have not touched them quite so deeply.

This connection is unforgettable and the relationship can linger for many years as the two people involved are literally a part of each other. They did not so much as meet as recognize one another again in this lifetime. Nevertheless, there is evidence that these relationships do not last very long - just have a glance at the outpourings of heartbreak on the various twin flame forums. Instead, twin flame connections tend to burn brightly and quickly. They can even lead to destroying one way of life in order to make way for a new one.

There is not all that much karma at this level as these souls are relatively close. Sometimes the purpose of these relationships is not to live happily after, but to blast the heart chakra open with the experience of a true love connection so that the people involved understand the state of universal love which exists everywhere and also learn to love themselves. I have also been told by my guidance that the planet is not ready for many such unions of the heart - it is not yet at the right frequency of consciousness.

A note about terminology - the term ‘twin flame’ is sometimes used as a description for the ultimate union. But this is not the way it has been shown to me in the visions that I have. I was led to the following Sananda channelling having been given the words ‘twin flame’ by my guides which meant nothing to me at the time.

According to Sananda, everyone has seven twin flames, probably due to the geometry of the way in which the God Blob splits off.  A twin flame does not have to enter a relationship with you - that many not be part of the agreement you have in this life. They can be both of the same or of opposite sex to you. It seems to be part of the soul path to experience the heart connection of the twin flame before entering the ultimate union of the twin ray. 

The Twin Ray

Twin flames
Twin Ray - the ultimate union 

This level of connection is the ultimate union in relationships. A true twin ray relationship is very rare and is the type of relationship that we hear of in legends. At this level of connection, the two souls actually split off of the God Blob at the same level. They are the male/female , antimatter/matter counterpart of each other. The same pattern can also be seen in twin galaxies and binary stars.

At this level of connection, there is very little or no karma between people and can only occur when the people involved have spent some time becoming whole in themselves before they are able to handle this type of connection. They have to be in a permanent state of unconditional love for themselves and everything in the universe first before they can reach this space.

Sometimes these relationships are set up between souls when there is a specific and important purpose to achieve within a lifetime. Most esoteric sources agree that most people will not meet their twin ray on the Earth plane although this situation seems to be changing as humanity and the planet evolves. Sometimes twin rays do not exist on the same plane at the same time at all.  

People sometimes use the word 'consort' to describe twin ray unions often relating to goddesses and gods, for example, Parvati and Shiva but it may also be applied to legendary lovers such as Tristan and Isolde. Although people yearn to meet their twin ray in the life and plane of existence they are currently aware of, they may not have chosen to do so before they incarnated.

However, it may be your time and these are some steps you can take to get ready for the union that you have already chosen for your self. In my book, The Genius Groove, I discuss this type of circular causality in greater detail. You prepare for something because you have already chosen for it to happen in your life and in preparing, you create the vibration which attracts it. 

The Groovy guide to relationships

1) Don’t continuously seek a relationship.

You have probably heard this many times before and everyone seems to know about giving off a desperate vibe. It actually runs much deeper than that. It is about the deep completion of yourself and not needing another.

I believe the way to do this most effectively is for each of us to find our unique purpose - our own Genius Groove. This is the creative endeavour that really makes your heart sing. That way you are in a relationship with yourself first, tapping the depths of your own soul. It is important to really be in that space vibrationally and emotionally and not just do it lip service in order to move on to the stage of finding someone.

When you find your Genius Groove, your whole being shifts. You become in an ecstatic relationship with yourself and don’t need a relationship with someone else. That is not to say you will not have one, it is that you no longer feel the need for anyone to complete you; you are completing yourself. This, of course, is when a balanced loving relationship is more likely to come into your life, to reflect the deep love and respect you have found within. 

2) Relationships are not about happy ever after - they are the biggest learning ground you can have.

Ever since we are young, we are sold the story of the little princess who goes to live with the prince in a beautiful castle and they live happily ever after. Maybe that explains why, despite high divorce rates, fairytale weddings do not seem to abate. We still believe in the romance and the dream of wedded bliss.

How different life would be if we understood from the outset that our closest relationships are about mirroring our darkest emotions back to ourselves, the shadow that we cannot confront. It is not about the easy ride, but about maximum learning.

If we enter relationships with the knowledge that your partner’s purpose is to push all your buttons, then guess what? You will have no rose tinted glasses to pull off and you are more likely to have a smoother ride. The irony is that by having a balanced view and not projecting our unfulfilled needs on another, our relationships are more likely to be happier and more balanced. By not expecting a happy ever after and letting it go, you are more likely to get it. 

3) Be ready to look in the mirror.

Twin flames mirror

See all relationships, be it the love of your life or the bus driver you saw for as second this morning, as a reflection of something about you. The God Blob represents the whole totality of all the souls that ever existed in the universe and at some level, we have never truly split off. We are all united still. So all of our relationships, however long they last, are all about bringing our separation into awareness so we can integrate and heal. Maybe this will lead us back to being a part of the one God blob yet again. 

Everything that pushes your button is actually a shadow polarity of your self that you haven't been able to accept about yourself. Because we can only get back to being a God Blob through integration and love. So if both partners in a love relationship have made this connection that everything is about shining a light on the shadow then it is possible to have a relationship in full awareness. You can only attract a partner like this when you have fully settled in this yourself of course.

So in an emotionally aware relationship, it is actually possible to argue and disagree and go through the usual relationships disharmonies, but at the same time, always keep the awareness throughout that this is a learning process for integrating shadow. So it is not about repressing your feelings but getting what you need to learn from them and understanding that what you are seeing the other person does is as much about you as it is about them. 

Maybe you didn’t get your needs met as a child and now place demands on your partner that can never be fulfilled. There may also come a point when you have learnt all the lesson you need to learn from that person. You have come to a natural point when you see the God-self through that person - you feel unconditional love for them, but know that they are not for the rest of your journey and that is OK too. It is time to let go and something will make that clear and for you to go into the next phase of your life.


So this is a glimpse into how a multidimensional understanding of souls splitting from the original one source or God Blob can help to explain the different levels and dynamics of relationships and assist us on our journey. I hope this helps to give a new perspective on relationships. This is a very nice video explaining some similar concepts if you would like to explore further.

For more details on this topic check out Simply Divine: an Easy Guide to the Science of Spirituality

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  1. Bless you Manjir, a very eloquent description of something sensed but not well recognised or understood.

  2. Well, I read it, a real eye opener on many levels :-) Bless you

  3. Thank you Manjir, I read it and is an absolute eye opener. Bless you

  4. Thank you for a very mature discussion of relationships. I do think a synestry chart of the two people in any relationship is of inestimable value to assist in the understanding of a relationship and what it will mean, which helps the learning and appreciation of the other so that even in a challenging relationship, each is able to express love and so "heal" both themselves and those who come into contact with them.