Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Consciousness Economy - 5D here we come

Today I made my first payment through a contactless card system. And for those of you who may be shocked as to how far behind I am, this is mainly because new concepts tend to take a lot of time to roll out to them there Derbyshire Hills.

The feeling of touching my card to a reader and paying for my Chai Soya latte was kinda liberating - flowing one might say and I am not just taking my cue from those rather annoying adverts for contactless payments.

We are seeing this flowing trend occurring throughout our monetary system - from twitter founder Jack Dorsey's offering of Square which enables you to take people's credit card payments with just a little widget attached to your smartphone, to payments using only the smartphone itself to 'Pingit' systems in which you can pay someone from your contact list using only their mobile phone number. 

And if this list is too smartphone based, well try programs like Second Life in which virtual money called Lindens (which incidentally have to be bought with real life money) can be pinged from avatar to avatar and of course the ubiquitous Paypal which has opened up a whole new world of  buying and selling that is so easy that you may not feel like your wallet is being affected at all. Yes, we are increasingly living a life of monetary flow.

I know there are many who will throw their hands up at this, effectively the disappearance of cash, and scream in horror spouting New World Order theories of a world currency as part of a freaky new totalitarian regime brought in by a forthcoming World War Three. I do not deny that these things may come to pass but I also see a different light on what is happening here.

You see, I have what you call 'multidimensional'  awareness and I have experienced the dimensions that overlay on what most people would call our world - often called the world of 3D, as in three spatial dimensions. Physicists would add the dimension of time to this to make it four dimensional. But in 'mystic speak' the fourth dimension is actually usually the one described as populated by disincarnate spirits who don't quite know they are dead and so forth.

The difficulty is all in the language as there are no words to truly describe a multidimensional experience, but for convenience sake, for once I am sticking with the mystic version and not the physics one.

I have experienced what mystics sometimes call the fifth dimension or 5D. It happened first just as I was about to go to sleep a number of years ago. I felt myself lift out of my body. I wanted to take my body with me, but something told me that it was too dense. That night I vividly experienced a realm populated not by physical bodies but beings made of golden light. 

In this world, even the thought of a thought of something will manifest instantly. That's why nothing with density is allowed, it will just wreck the place. And the place is beautiful. It is what deep inside of us we remember as paradise. We exist as light forms which are both male and female and we can exchange light between beings as a flow. Even sexual relations work like this -  it is about the light of consciousness. Everything in 5D is the light of consciousness including ourselves and and everything exchanges with everything else in a beautiful, flowing loving form.

I have experienced this state since then but never quite as strongly. I have also seen it overlain on 3D reality - once when I was on an escalator on the London tube, it all opened up around me as 5D actually exists everywhere. I have heard other people discuss this realm on occasion; I recognise it as the same place from their description.

I believe this is what the ancients described as the Golden Age - everything within it is indeed golden light. As we cycle through the Great Year - the 26,000 year cycle of time, we are playing out our emotional pathways transforming our emotional lessons into light - what we call our 'aha' moments until we are light enough to reenter this 5D awareness.

I am convinced from my experiences that this 5D reality is where we are all eventually headed back to. The way in which our Internet flows and our economy is changing is symptomatic of us 'remembering' our 5D future and heading towards it. As we get closer to this golden age, although yes there will be painful events in our world as the density is cleared out, at the same time expect to see more of aspects of our lives become aligned to the behaviour of the 5D world. So the Internet will increase in our lives, money is likely to be mainly replaced with flowing transactions as they are starting to be now. Virtual reality software will become more prevalent as we start to model our light body selves. Programs like Second Life are a kind of rehearsal for what is to come.

We are entering this new flow-based reality, enabled by the Internet and this represents how we are headed towards 5D. It is there all the time, deep in our memories and deep inside us all. We remember it from our past and we know we are headed back there eventually. In the mean time, I will enjoy paying for my Chai Soy Latte by going with the flow.