Thursday, 14 February 2013

What really happened in 2012?

2012 was the Year of Rising

Today - Valentine's day 2013, numerous people from around the globe will take part in the one billion rising campaign to highlight the need to end the concept that violence against women is a given. We are undergoing an amazing turning point in the evolution of the consciousness of this planet and for me this is the legacy of 2012. 

December 21st 2012 represented the end of the Mayan Long count calendar and was hotly anticipated from many viewpoints. Some felt it was the end of the world, some believed that we would ascend immediately in spaceships, other believed that it was going to be business as usual; a new cycle in the Mayan calendar would start and life would go on. 

In the years running up to that date it was one of the top subjects I got asked about in my lectures. I tended to answer, that I didn't know for sure what was going to happen, but I could see certain patterns in my research to show that we were headed towards a change in consciousness as we headed back to a Golden Age in what is known as the Great Year, a cycle of 26,000 years. 

What actually did happen in 2012 surprised me, but was a wonderful indication of how consciousness is shifting and we are balancing out. It started around August with the start of the No More Page3 Campaign. This was an online petition to ask the editor of the Sun newspaper in the UK to remove pictures of topless women from the paper, which is generally the largest image of women seen in the tabloid. 

It must have taken people by surprise at how quickly the campaign garnered support and signatures. It turns out that many people have been feeling annoyed that we have to accept this daily objectification of women, but not knowing how to do anything about it. 

Shortly after this, the Jimmy Savile scandal exploded which involved the resignation of the head of the BBC because he halted the airing of a Newsnight documentary. Although, I believe the reasons for this are actually manifold, one of the reasons given was that there was only the testimony of the women who had been molested and no other evidence. "Just the women", became the phrase which stuck with us highlighting how a woman's voice and testimony is simply seen as not good enough and irrelevant. 

The Everyday Sexism Project was also born in 2012 in which people simply state the sexism that they encounter on daily basis onto a website. Yet the founder has received threats for daring to highlight what many want still shoved under the carpet. 

And then in the last days of 2012, the shocking rape and murder of a woman in India galvanised the world to sit up and take notice. 

The Balance begins


As a feminist since as long as I can remember, I have long witnessed these imbalances and the way in which the world just accepts this is the way it is. But in 2012, something amazing happened. Consciousness woke up to its other half. This translated into humanity suddenly becoming aware of the way it treats women and feminine qualities as lesser and invisible in societies around the globe. 

The rumblings are starting - it is no longer acceptable to sideline women as if their bodies are mere objects and their voices and their thoughts do not matter. We are seeing this change in how we notice politics, films, the ubiquitous nature of pornographic images, the way in which violence and assault towards women seems to be just the way it is. 

The Mirror World


 2012 was one of the hotly anticipated years since humans began to keep track. And what happened? The feminine rose up into our awareness. We began to balance out. In my book, Punk Science I explained that the universe is created at every single level from effectively interdimensional vortices, at the level of galaxies they are called black holes. As light comes through these vortices from higher dimensions it splits into two - a particle of antimatter and a particle of matter. 

The particle of matter goes into making the world that we call the physical world. But what of the particle of antimatter? The lack of antimatter in the universe has long been a puzzle to science. So the standard model of the universe includes an early battle between matter and antimatter in which matter wins ever so slightly to baance this. 

To me this is pure conjecture. The theories I put forward say that antimatter exists in a zone of the universe that is slightly different from ours. For various reasons explained in the book, I call it c squared, as in the speed of light squared. It is a sort of mirror looking glass world to ours. Over the years, many scientists have actually hinted at a looking glass world including a recent theory in physics called Loop Quantum Gravity (1). 

It is this c squared region that is associated with the feminine. In a way, light has to come through this region to come into the physical, masculine region in the same way we see female creatures give birth. In the c squared region everything exists in a vibration below the speed of light squared, whilst in our region everything is under the speed of light. 

We have mistaken the speed of light for the limitations of the universe when it is actually reflects the limitations of vibrations of this dimension of consciousness - something I call the Perception Horizon. In this new model, different dimensions are associated with different levels of consciousness. 

However, it is not the case that the c squared is somehow superior to the c. They are mirror partners and intertwined. The reason why we do not normally see this mirror universe is that our consciousness isn't always tuned in to it. Because it is beyond the physical it is not easy to measure it. We can just measure inferences from that region. (2)

Much of what we call paranormal phenomena occur in other regions and vibrations for example, auras that some people see around things could be representatives of this mirror world. 

The Way of the Heart

We have been living with most of our awareness in the c region - the physical, the masculine, external, pushing way of doing things. What happened in 2012 is that a shift of the underlying universal consciousness of our planet occurred and the c squared, feminine region began to reveal itself. That translated to this sudden opening of our eyes. Suddenly around the globe we said 'no more' - this dishonouring of the feminine and of women cannot go on. 

The antimatter and matter are balancing out and turning back into light. So the most amazing alignment did indeed occur in 2012, but it may not have been what our ego selves expected; it was what was needed. 

So today's billion rising movement and other initiatives around the globe, for me are the rumblings of the hidden realms, the mirror universe. She was there all along. She is the side of all of us that is patient, that uses love to draw the universe towards us. This represents the way of being open and vulnerable and the way of the heart. We are opening our eyes and hearts to her, call her the c squared realm, mirror universe antimatter realm or divine feminine. 2012 was the year in which we realised she was there all along. 

1. Gefter A. The World Turned Inside Out. New Scientist. 20 March 2004 34-37. 

2. Wakelam KB. Biofeedback and the Human Energy Field. (2000)