Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thunderous applause

I have recently been informed of one of the strongest confirmations of the Black Hole Principle yet.  For those of you who may not have read Punk Science, the central thesis is that the entire universe works in a fractal fashion, that is we can see structures behaving in the same way from the very large - such a supermassive black hole in the middle of a galaxy to the very small, such as a subatomic quark and everything in between, giving us a scientific framework for everything from galaxies, stars and planets to quarks and chakras. (1) Sounds preposterous doesn't it? In conventional science, such objects are not related at all and chakras are not even worth considering.

But when you break down the behavior of everything from black holes to planets to stars, you can see the same patterns emerging. It is easy when you know how and, when you get the hang of it, you too will become a cosmological sleuth, scanning the headlines for unexplained happenings in space that you can now fit into a framework. Once you have the framework you can even make predictions about what we should find in structures that we have not yet examined.

It is this power to predict that makes a scientific idea so powerful. Anybody can squish up some theories after the fact, generating computer models with contortional fudge factors to make the theories fit the data and indeed this is what some scientists do for a living! But unless you can predict the behaviour of our universe, this method remains what it is: retrospective wishful thinking.

So if you recall, in Punk Science, I describe how black holes have been found to be not so black after all, and instead give out high powered radiation. It took mainstream scientists some time to realise that this is what their own data meant, but eventually they had to admit that their long cherished idea, that black holes are guzzling monsters, is actually wrong and they released an announcement to the public in 2009 that black holes actually have a hand in creating galaxies - a good six years after I had published this insight myself.(2)

So not only are black holes not the guzzling gravity monsters that they were once thought  to be, they also emit very powerful radiation - sometimes electrons at the speed of light, sometimes antimatter positrons which are the mirror image of electrons, and sometimes gamma radiation, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation created when an electron and positron collide and cancel each other out.

In Punk Science, I give copious evidence of how this behaviour is not limited to black holes but is indeed fractal and happening at every level of the universe, from stars to planets to even comets and yes, analogous processes are even occurring inside you right now, in your atoms and quarks and DNA. This theory could even provide an explanation for the long scoffed at, but nevertheless doggedly persistent, concept of chakras.

Black holes, it turns out, are the focal point for how creation happens. They really should no longer be called black holes as in fact as there is nothing really black or hole- ish about them once you realise how they really behave. Instead they are the point at which light from other dimensions, light that we cannot perceive in this dimension, makes its way into our dimension which exists below the speed of light. Hence we see emissions of electrons at almost the speed of light being emitted from black holes, a fact which puzzles astrophysicists. The electrons are caused by light from higher dimensions that reaches our dimension before splitting into a particle of matter - eg. electrons and antimatter eg. positrons. When they recombine, they emit gamma-ray radiation.

This behaviour is seen repeatedly throughout the cosmos and explains the mysterious and powerful gamma ray flashes that have puzzled scientists since their discovery over fifty years ago. In one of the most dramatic and surprising examples of the Black Hole Principle in action, gamma-ray bursts have been found in the earth's upper atmosphere and amazingly they release energy as powerful as the black holes in out space! They have been labelled Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes (TGFs) and have been noted to be associated with thunderstorms.

In 2006 when I published Punk Science, I announced to the world that I believed that these TGFs were yet another example of Black Hole Principle behaviour. However, NASA did not fully study these phenomena until around January 2010 when an appropriate telescope was set into space.

If the Black Hole Principle is correct then, as I predicted, we should see electrons emitted in the region of TGFs almost at the speed of light. And, just as around a supermassive black hole in the centre of galaxies, antimatter should also be detected.

The results from the Fermi telescope are in, and to NASA's surprise, indeed almost supraluminal electrons and antimatter have been detected around TGFs.(3) Of course, if you visit NASA's website, they give you some clumsy retrospective explanation to try and act as if they know what is going on and they are not caught off guard. But if you know what to expect with the Black Hole Principle, it all fits an elegant, simple picture and there is no need to concoct a new explanation for every scenario you come across. You have one explanation that fits all and even allows you to make predictions; Nature is best understood when you stick to simple, elegant rules.

So all in all, this discovery marks a triumph for the Black Hole Principle theory as there is something about the fact that TGFs are so close to home that makes it all the more pertinent. The observations that NASA are making now were predicted by the theory some years ago. I think that deserves some thunderous applause, don't you?

1. Samanta-Laughton M. Punk Science. (O-books) 1996
2. Thompson A. Black Holes preceded galaxies, discovery suggests January 2009
3. NASA's Fermi Catches Thunderstorms Hurling Antimatter into Space  10th January 2011. 

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  1. Dr. Samanta-Laughton, what an amazing book. I just wanted to voice my support for your intrepid interpretations (there's a tongue-twister). It is so refreshing to find someone who has had enhanced consciousness experiences and remained grounded. Your ideas resonate throughout human experience and the ramifications are awesome. Thanks,these are exciting times.