Friday, 27 February 2015

Space Explorers explain - Planetary water

Space Explorers explain planetary water
A previous announcement on this blog explained that the Black Hole Principle predicted the oceans of the planet are created by the black hole dynamic process at the centre of the Earth.

This came from the realisation that the same processes occurring in thunderstorms, the gamma rays bursts and even lightning, are the same as those  that occur in black holes at the centre of the galaxies.

It was from this that I was able to predict that antimatter would be found coming from thunderstorms which was of course proven correct by NASA in 2010 when it investigated the Terrestrial Gamma Ray flashes or TGFs which occur in the Earth's upper atmosphere. 

The other element of thunderstorms is, of course, rain. But if my theory was correct then black holes at all levels should produce water: something which seems ludicrous. 

But this was indeed proved correct with the discovery of MASERS - the mixture of microwaves and water shooting out of black holes in jets. It has now been discovered that water is coming out of many objects, even sunspots! 

So in 2013 I announced at the Noetic science conference in USA that the water of planet Earth, so long a mystery to scientists, originated in the Earth's core. This was proved very quickly in 2014 - see the previous blog for details on this. The extrapolation of this is that all planets also produce water from their core. 

I have created a little cartoon to help explain what is happening. Enjoy! 

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