Saturday, 14 June 2014

Breaking News! I have just been informed by James of this article in New Scientist reporting on an ocean that has been found within the Earth's interior This was predicted according to the Black Hole Principle which says that everything in the universe works according to the same principle and that the Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes in the Earth's upper atmosphere associated with thunderstorms is the same mechanism as black hole in space. 

As previously explained on this blog, large bodies of water have been found in space with water masers found spurting out of black holes as predicted by the theory. 

Two presentations and several articles have been given on the subject. 
You can find them here and here

The announcement that water has been found near the Earth's interior compounds the predictive power of the theory and confirms that the speculation that the Earth's oceans arise from the centre of the planet in a black hole dynamo which produces water. 

I have discovered NO OTHER theory that predicted that black holes would produce water and that water is being produced by the Earth's core therefore creating the oceans.This is one of the strongest confirmations of the theory yet. 

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